When the 2013 winner of The Voice, Tessanne Chin released the audio of her surprise single “Love Suicide” in early February, she swept us away with her impassioned and emotive vocals. As a follow up to the tempest she unleashed on her unsuspecting fans, Tessanne has now released the music video along with the lyrics of “Love Suicide.”

tessanne 3

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

As we said in our first review, Tessanne’s “powerful vocals have so much character and charisma that channels the desperation and feeling in the song.”

Examining some of those lyrics, below, makes it amply clear the unvarnished feeling and emotion that “Love Suicide” conveys.

I swear if you’re the ledge then I’m jumping
Don’t catch me if I fall just let me plummet, (just let me plummet)
Cause oh baby I wanna dive right into you, right into you
Commit a love suicide.

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