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As most of New York City geared for a long Labor-Day weekend of barbecues and parades, in a little enclave of Brooklyn, the electro-pop artist, Syvia was getting ready to rock the stage in celebration of her new music video “Two Homes”.

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If able to resist the charming vocals and steady bass groove, it won’t take long to notice the video is pretty much a collection of smokey stills, cropped in a Ken Burns style. The video, stitched together using “hundreds of film stills and a $10 plastic camera,” creatively tells the story of the band, but maybe not quite that of the song.

Syvia’s debut music video for their single ‘Two Homes’ was shot by New York based Portuguese director Bruno Simões, who set out to create an experimental no-budget video mixing the aesthetics of analog film with the flexibility of contemporary digital post production that would mirror the artfulness of Syvia’s alternative electropop/rock.

Inspired by the nostalgic mood of Syvia’s single “Two Homes” and the challenge of shooting a video purely with film stills, Simões used a vintage 10-dollar plastic camera that shot lenticular film stills with the vibrant Kodak Portra film stock for the band’s debut music video at Brooklyn Brewery. Several hundreds of still shots were then manually scanned, digitally combined, and re-timed in order to achieve the eerie camera moves that transcur the band’s performance frozen in time, in a modern twist on the classical performance music vide0.

And, for those budget-minded music video directors kicking themselves for splurging $2500 on that  shiny 4K camcorder, Amazon has a 30 day return policy.

Blurring the lines between electropop, punk, and rock by pairing gritty rock riffs with lush electronic synths and memorable shoegaze hooks, Syvia pairs the grittiness of The YYYs with a dark Nordic spirit. Led by Norwegian-American Ruth Mirsky, Syvia is made up of Frank Banisi (guitar), Sheldon Chow (bass/synth) and Richard Moyle Jr. (drums). The band has performed at venues throughout New York, including Brooklyn Night Bazaar, the Northside Festival, Webster Hall Studio, and more. They will be releasing their debut full-length album entitled FWD later this year.


Syvia Upcoming Tour Dates: Syvia says “ stay tuned for more shows in October!”


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