Understand this: China is just that awesome. On June 26 and 28, BigBang held their MADE tour concerts in China. Inbetween on June 27, Shinhwa swept in an held its own concert as part of its 4th Asia Tour. Shinhwa performed before 12,000 fans in Beijing, and BigBang performed in Dalian and Wuhan to sold out crowds. Wuhan, in South-Eastern China is a little over 10 hours by train from Beijing, in the North-East.

Big Bang plus Shinhwa 2

Just the week before all these concerts, Shinhwa performed in Nanjing in Eastern China. Incidentally the group performed a new version of‘T.O.P’ with a live band, then dance performances of ‘Perfect Man’ and ‘Mannequin,’ with great energy and liveliness. They also performed new tracks from their twelfth album, and they ended the 2-1/2 hour concert with ‘Eusha Eusha’ and ‘YO’ for the encore.

Shinwha in China 4th Asian Tour 2

Next month, Shinwha will continue and end their Asia Tour in Dalian, North-East China on July 11, 2015. And, then the 6 member group, who’ve been around for close to 20 years, will be hopping on an 11 hours flight to Los Angeles for #KCON15LA on July 31, 2015. Shinwha will have an encore concert in Seoul on August 22-23, 2015. This group can’t be stopped!

Shinwha in China 4th Asian Tour

The other Kpop big boyz who are not slowing down either, is BigBang. Bigbang kicked things off during their concerts with ‘BANG BANG BANG’, then continued unto ‘BAD BOY’, ‘LIE’, ‘Day By Day’, ‘LOSER’, ‘BAE BAE’ and other hit songs. The boyz also performed individually.

Big Bang Wuhan 1

Big Bang Wuhan 4

Big Bang Wuhan 2

Big Bang Wuhan 5

Big Bang Wuhan 3

As promised, BigBang will be dropping two new singles tomorrow on July 1, 2015, ‘if you’ and ‘SOBER’ at midnight.

Look out for BigBang to bring their awesomeness to North America in the Fall, via Live Nation and YG, hitting up Los Angeles, Anaheim, Las Vegas, New York, and Toronto.