Boys will be boys, right?! Seventeen for their new comeback decided to first paint the town red promoting their party. And, then went ahead and threw a fun and exciting party in their latest comeback called “Pretty U.” The song is the title track for their first full-length studio album called “Love & Letter.”

seventeen pretty u - Copy

The rookie boy group debut on May 26, 2015, with ‘Adore U’ from their 1st mini album “17Carat.” And, then on September 10 they followed it up with the ultra-popular ‘Mansae’, the title track from their 2nd mini album “Boys Be.”

As 1TheK eloquently put it, since their last two releases, Seventeeen have grown more and came back with an album that fully includes their charms. “Pretty U, they said is the highlight of SEVENTEEN’s love story following ‘Adore U’ and ‘Mansae’.

The track is upbeat, fun and lively, check it out.

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