This is a long interview, with Link Up TV – well, it’s over breakfast. It’s also a bit of an interesting interview – I guess the green sandwich was really good. From the comments on social media, a lot of fans couldn’t get over his declared veganism – why he chose that lifestyle, wasn’t clear from the interview. But, what really stood out, was JME talking about how his hot track with Giggs came about. All this came the day after his real blood bruv, Skepta was interviewed by Beats 1.

jamie adenuga link up interview

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The other thing that stuck out, and JME’s interviewer @ChuckieOnline mentioned a few times, is JME’s organic style. Basically, he takes things as they come and doesn’t seem to be in a rush.

JME, whose real name is Jamie Adenuga, released his 3rd album “integrity” on his 30th birthday, May 4 2015, simply because, labelmate Skepta postponed his. So, in his organic ways of doing things, JME decided, well I guess I might as well release an album, then.

If JME’s ambitious, he’s not letting on.

The story of the creative process with Giggs for “Man Don’t Care,” is definitely worth the listen.

But, if you ask me about his reason for not touring a lot, I’d say JME probably doesn’t like touring because he has to memorize all those lyrics all over again – something he might have touched on in the hook for Integrity.

Anyways, Man Don’t Care is worth watching again.

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