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It’s hard to pin down the Doyle Brothers, when it comes to genre. The Doyle brother’s recently had a show at Prohibition in the upper west side of Manhattan, and provided their own rendition of timeless classics like “Happy Together” by The Turtles to more contemporary hits like “Are You that Somebody” by Aaliyah. Happy together is a folk rock song from 1967 and “Are you that somebody” released in 1998 can be described as pop or R&B. The Brothers have found a way to meld songs from different eras and genres, give them a contemporary twist and deliver them satisfactorily.
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The underlying twist comes from brother Ryan and his guitar. Ryan is a talented guitar player and in their rendition of “Wonderwall” by Oasis it is a pleasure to listen to the beginning riff as he goes up and down the musical scale. With a guitar player like Ryan, they bring songs from disparate places and times and give it a rock and roll bent. So if you are going to try to describe them in terms of genre, I’d say mix rock and roll with pop and R&B and you’ll get the Doyle brothers. Ryan is also the main vocalist, and his vocals really shine in their original song “Danced all night”. The Doyle Brothers, however, describe themselves as a combination of Michael Buble and the Everly Brothers. I couldn’t agree more.

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They are a creative, upbeat duo who sound like a four man band. Brother Todd and his box covers the other phantom band members. Todd is the energetic percussionist of the duo and provides the harmony as well as backup vocals for Ryan. Todd multitasks on his box, which really is a wooden box with a hole cut into it for a mic. It’s a very impressive and unique setup. When Ryan has to take a quick break to replace a string on his guitar, Todd does a great solo that illustrates the vim you will find at their performances.
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Finally, what I really got a kick out of was their style in dressing. They both wore matching throwback outfits. With suspenders over their checkered shirts, topped off with the bean caps, they take you back a few decades to the era of the thirties. It’s a great touch that put’s on display the seriousness and professionalism with which they take their music. The Doyle brothers will be performing at Prohibition on Wednesdays during the month of March 2012.

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