Taking to Intragram on the 27th of February, the queen of Kpop, BoA Kwon of SM Entertainment posted a picture to her 2 million followers, which garnered over a hundred thousand hearts in a matter of days. The cherished picture was of her and fellow Kpop royalty, label-mate Yunho of TVXQ, who was dressed smartly in his military fatigues and beret. BoA and Yunho, have always had a special “friendship” that has endured over the years. It’s one they are both proud of, and share often with their millions of fans.

Captioned in the picture, which has a beaming BoA and a smiling Yunho, BoA wrote: “My military friend Yunho. I get to see you do well, visited a friend in the military for the first time, and experience new things thanks to you. Yunho is good and healthy, everyone! I’ll see you during your vacation. Yunho bought lunch with his salary~,” along with a selfie. Yunho who is currently doing his mandatory military service, enlisted in July of 2015. He will be discharged in April of 2017.

This isn’t anywhere near the first time these two have shared a special moment together, and share it with their fans. They’ve known each other for over a decade, and their fans have come to love and appreciate these tender moments of friendship between these two seasoned Kpop stars.

Yunho and Boa 2

Since BoA debuted first, Yunho must have known about her before he joined SM Entertainment. BoA began her training around 1998, and debuted in 2000. Yunho on the other hand was recruited in 2001 and debuted in 2003. So they likely first encountered one another in 2001, just when BoA was transitioning to focus on her Japanese debut.

When Yunho debuted with TVXQ, he did so during a BoA and Britney Spears showcase in 2003. So professionally, Yunho must hold BoA in a special place. They are also some of the oldest artists currently signed to SM Entertainment.

Yunho and BoA 1

Although Yunho refers to BoA as sunbaenim, he is actually older than she is, by about 9 months. He was born on February 6, 1986 and she November 5, 1986. But, the reason he refers to her as sunbaenim, is she debuted before him. Also, when they met she was already an accomplished recording artist, and he just a trainee. So clearly, Yunho must have looked up to her. Which must explains why he still calls her sunbaenim.

Here’s some cool things they’ve said about each other.

We’ve known each other for a long time now, since we were trainees. I still remember when she debuted, everyone in the company was rooting for her. In two years, she topped Japan, and she was only 15. ‘I want to achieve the same success BoA sunbaenim is achieving,’ is what I often thought as I was nearing debut. Personally, I was a fan of hers too. She’s different, small but powerful, and strong. I think I’m lucky enough to be one of her close friends (laughs).” – Yunho

DJ Hong Jin Kyung asked BoA who would she take with her to a deserted island, and she chose Yunho. BoA explained her choice, saying that because she is so close to Yunho, he will take the initiative and take care of everything without her even telling him to. – Boa on KBS Cool FM

Yunho and BoA have many things in common. Number 1 is that they are both born in the year of the tiger. Tigers are known to be confident as well as independent. Yunho as leader of TVXQ from the very beginning has shown his remarkable confidence, and BoA as a solo artist embodies independence. She especially had a hard time in Japan, where she was all alone. And, at times BoA has expressed how if she had been in a group, her solo debuts in Japan and America would have been a lot easier. But, being a strong tiger she soldiered on.

Similarly, Yunho’s own strength was tested when TVXQ broke apart with the departure of three of the five members, for valid reasons in 2010. Yunho decided to stay, as he must have had his own reasons to do so, and with the help of his partner-in-crime, Changmin they’ve been able to rekindle the band without any loss in essence and passion. And, many a fan is thankful for that.

Another quality both Yunho and BoA share, in no small part due to their confidence, is they are both amazing dancers.

However, it hasn’t always been this lovey-dovey; there have been cracks sometimes. At the beginning, in the early days, it was TVXQ’s former member Jaejoong that BoA initially gravitated towards, and not Yunho. They acted like total BFFs. And, fans referred to their close friendship as. “BoJoong.”

More recently, SM Entertainment was compelled to release a statement putting to rest rumors that Uee formerly of After School and Yunho were dating. The reason for the statement was because on August 27, 2015, Uee was spotted attending a special ceremony for Yunho. The ceremony was the training completion ceremony, or the ceremony that marks the end of basic training. And, it was mainly attended by Yunho’s family members with no other celebrities in attendance, other than Uee.


Interestingly and incidentally, also on August 27, 2015 BoA posted a picture on her Instagram showing a rather thick envelope. In the caption she wrote, “It’s been a while since I wrote or received a handwritten letter from someone. My friend~~ Thank you for your reply!! Be healthy and be well!!!!” She added the hashtags “#SoldierFriend” and “#MyFriendYundollie”. The picture showed the envelope addressed from “Friend Yunho,” and addressed “to BoA ^^*.”

Yunho and BoA Letters

Is this a coincidence? The day BoA posts a handwritten note from her “friend” Yunho, and hashtags it #MyFriendYundollie, is also the day Uee without much explanation shows up at a ceremony for close friends and family.

There has never been any previous connection between Uee and Yunho, and many fans thought it was strange that Uee would suddenly show up at the ceremony. If they were indeed in a relationship, many fans also thought it would be weird to announce their relationship in such a blatant way. And still, others thought even if they are just friends, it was even stranger for Uee to show up to an event meant for family.

Without feeding too much into the drama and rumor mill, fans have always suspected that BoA and Yunho are dating. Uee’s showing up at the ceremony may just have been a way for SM Entertainment to take attention off BoA and the letter from her ‘special friend’ “Yundollie.” BoA’s very expressive Instagram post and the fact that she and Yunho are exchanging handwritten letters could attract unnecessary attention, so a diversion was necessary.

There is no immediate connection between Uee and Boa. They are however close in age. Uee was born in 1988, 2 years after both BoA and Yunho. So they are sort of age-mates. The only other possible connection, although remote, is a shoe that both Uee and BoA modeled separately.

Uee first wore the Steve Madden’s “Priela” point-toe pumps in the May 2015 issue of Instyle Korea magazine. Shortly after, that same month BoA modeled the exact same shoe in the May issue of Celebrity magazine.

Coincidence? Maybe. But, Uee showing up at Yunho’s ceremony may have been a ruse. If it is so, then this leads me and me alone to the conclusion that Yunho and BoA are in a relationship. And, they have been thus for a while now.

Even though Kpop stars are now dating and breaking up with abandon, BoA and Yunho seem to have maintained the discipline and aesthetic that characterizes the Kpop of old. Neither BoA nor Yunho have ever been reported to be in any kind of relationship with anyone else. BoA is 29, and Yunho is 30. If indeed they are in a relationship, that’s just fine. Anyways, this is just conjecture. We don’t know, and they probably want it left that way.

Yunho and BoA 4

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  1. He has always friendzoned her, even to the point of he supposedly introducing her (now ex) actor boyfriend Joowon. The UEE rumor is just as hilarious. As for Yunho dating, the answer is in the article as well. You can be smarter than that.

  2. Uee is dating a actor, I agree the relationship of Yunho and BoA are like a brother and sister, not a couple. yunho already said that boA should marry soon , and that he will buy a gift for her and her husband
    BoA also was dating rumors with a singer . In short , there is no romantic relationship between boA and yunho .