Soulful and melodious, the new track from this pair of UK rappers Broken Poetz called “Men Who Will Be Men Today,” has such an incredible message of hope and encouragement, it may need to be required listening in every school.

Broken Poetz - men who will be men today

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Just dripping with positivity and good vides, “Men Who Will Be Men Today” is the second song to be released from Broken Poetz forthcoming album ‘Soul Searching.’

Broken Poetz self-describe themselves as “a uk hip-hop group consisting of 2 rappers, Mystero and D.Know. We provide deep, soulful, easy listening hiphop with a positive mesage.” They are from Andover, Hampshire in the UK.

Caution: one use of the f-word – but with the rest of the lyrics, it’s so worth it.

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