Back with new members and a new sound, former tomboy group G.I. (Global Icon) has made a comeback with “DoliGo DoliGo (Round and Round).”

As a fan of the old G.I., I’m disappointed. What used to be a group with a fierce concept (they they could actually pull off) and female rappers with unique flows, has been completely changed. The song itself is flat. The guitar bass is cool but there’s nothing done with it. The change from hip hop to regular pop music, complete with lip rubbing and hip shaking, puts the group into the same overflowing category as…well, as almost every other girl group in kpop.


It seems that other fans of the group have come in droves to comment on the video, with an overwhelming majority feeling majorly underwhelmed by the new release. Considering how long it took for this new sound, look, and lineup to come about, one would think they would go for a better marketing concept than a watered down version of EXID.

Kpop needed that strong girl group. It needed that difference, especially with the droves of rookies with cute concepts now.

Global Impact

With Aram, HaYun, and OneKet gone, the three main pillars of the group are gone–power vocals and a killer rapper. They’v

e been replaced by Dokyung, Jiamin, and Heeso, who haven’t left much of an impression. Granted these are new personalities and talents, which takes some time to get used to, however first impressions are important and theirs have been lackluster.

With time the group may grow into a better fit for the new niche they are attempt


to carve out for themselves. Hopefully, they won’t fall by the wayside like their predecessors and we don’t hear from them for another year when their lineup is changed again. I guess, only time will tell.
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