If you’re heading out to see Amoeba Culture in New York, you’re in for a treat! Crush, Zion T., Primary, and Dynamic Duo lit up the stage at Wild Bill’s in Atlanta.


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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link


Nerves were a problem only for a minute when Crush hit the stage. Singing mostly songs from his debut album, “Crush On You,” Crush set the atmosphere for the whole show. His high notes were on point and we even got a taste of him rapping, which was a pleasant surprise.



Zion T.
What a cutie. With his braces and blonde hair, Zion T. was the most dapper of all Amoeba Culture members. Due to technical problems, his nerves got the best of him for a moment. Once he got back in the swing of things, he even spoke English, explaining to the crowd that “Yonghwa BRDG” was a very important song to him.


Everyone knows Primary is the man in the box, usually taking his place in the back of the stage with his turntables and computer. He was there, of course, and lit up the stage with the help of his label mates. The screams when he took his box off for a group picture neared deafening levels. Even with half his face covered by large, dark sunglasses he cut an impressive figure.



Dynamic Duo
Aptly named, Choiza and Gaeko’s stage was dynamic. New and old tracks mixed, giving fans (and newbies) the best of both worlds. It was hard to snap pictures of the two of them as they were running back and forth across the stage. They also engaged the crowd the most, asking for help with “BAAM!” and directing the crowd to jump, scream, and wave their hands.



Big thanks to MusicEnkor for bringing the amazing men of Amoeba Culture to the East Coast. The love shown towards Amoeba Culture from the Atlanta fans shook the building. Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at the show, and if you’re going to the New York show, I hope your appetite has been piqued.



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