Kpop fans from all over the world have all gotten used to BigBang‘s monthly comeback in the M.A.D.E. series. So to mix things up a little, for the last installment “E,” GD&Top will be making a special comeback for the first time in five years since they released their debut album also called “GD&Top.”

So let’s go back in time and take a look at three epic collaborations where GD&Top mixed things up a little, even further.

GD&Top + Pixie Lott in “Dancing on My Own”

If you’re not British, “Pixie who?!” you might ask. She is a British singer songwriter. GD&Top took on this project in back in 2012, and in this track they are rapping in English. Although an official music video was never officially released many fans have stepped in to make fan-made music videos.


GD&Top + Bom in “Oh Yeah”
So as part of their album, GD&Top pulled in label-mate Park Bom for an epic collaboration that had fans singing “yeah! Yeah!! Yeah!!!” “Oh Yeah was the third single of the album.


GD&Top + Diplo “Knockout”
This track came from their 2010 album, but few know or realize it was done in collaboration with Diplo, wh arranged the track. This was just as Diplo was becoming world famoous and blowing up with other collaborations.

Regarding their upcoming comeback, since BigBang fans get to hear GD all the time, the best part really about a GD&Top track is really Top. Usually relegated to a few lines in a full BigBang track, Top will get to rap to his heart’s content.

GD and Top E comeback

According to industry insiders the boys have already started filming the music video. The full-length album “M.A.D.E.” will be unveiled Sept. 1, containing all the previously released songs.
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