Taeyeon has done her solo album. Jessica‘s is imminent. And, now it seems Tiffany is about to join the solo-debut club, by finally releasing her much rumored solo album. Tiffany has just released a slew of images tagged “I Just Wanna Dance,” and with the date May 11. Could this be for the album, Girls Generation fans have been awaiting?

Tiffany I just wanna dance 3

Tiffany I just wanna dance

And, are fans excited for this? Here’s some comments from Reddit Kpop:

Although she isn’t exactly a great dancer, turns out she’s actually fairly proficient at remembering the choreographies… – CronoDroid

I know people are really into heavy-categorization of all the girls “talent contributions” or what-have-you to the group, but I think it’s a bit far out to think it odd for her to use a very common expression just because dancing isn’t her trademark? She can dance better than me, and if I said “I just wanna dance!” nobody would laugh for expressing it.

She looks amazing. Please do well, Fany!

In happier times…

Tiffany - Taeyeon - Jessica

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