It’s always a pleasure when the music veterans don’t leave us for too long, wishing and pinning for the good ole days. Toni Braxton has once again heard the siren call, and is working on a new album. She recently released the video for the lead single called “Deadwood”, and it is smoking hot.

The track starts out largely acoustic, but then slowly escalates with complementary violin, strings and mellow percussion. All of which allows us to savor Toni’s velvety red-wine vocals. Also, her perennial youth and figure that has broken enough hearts, continues to light up her videos.

Toni Braxton has characteristically released a studio album every 3 to 4 years. The last time she did, it was in 2014 with Love,Marriage and Divorce. And, before that it was in 2010 with “Pulse.

Her upcoming album, will be out in early 2018, right on schedule.

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