The youthful group, Topp Dogg came to the ATL setting the city on fire. The continuously growing line standing outside of the venue caused many curious eyes and questions. Fans were ready and pumped for the show to begin. Right as I walked up to the line I saw some holding posters, others cosplaying, and even a giant birthday card for one of the members being passed around. Just by seeing the supportive atmosphere, I could tell that it was going to be an amazing night.
DSCN0024  DSCN0026  DSCN0033 Topp Dogg broke the tradition of there being no K-pop concerts in the peach state. Although having a large Korean population, there hasn’t been a K-pop concert in Georgia since 2006. Which is probably the main reason why everyone fled to purchase tickets when the word got out about the showcase.

Fans dressed in outfits showing their favorite members.  DSCN0031 Even the moms participated in the act gaining the nickname “Topp Mom”.

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As time went on more unique posters could be seen along with excited faces.

DSCN0036Doors weren’t opening until 6:30, as planned. But as 6:25 approached, the fans who till now had patiently lined up, couldn’t contain themselves any longer. And, they began chanting “Topp Dogg!” to see the boys.

Soon enough we were all let in and that’s when the fun really began.

A small distance way from the entrance was a long table, along the stairs leading to a concession stand. On top of the table were gifts that fans brought for the members. As the time drew near for the concert to start, the number of gifts and people at the concession stand were still increasing.


The building filled up quickly, and soon enough it was time to go to the performing area. The stage was empty, but above was a banner with the boys, the location, and date of the showcase.


Waiting there anxiously were fans, who screamed at any indication that the group was about to come out. Whether it be the movement of a curtain or a staff member coming to the stage, everyone’s hearts would come to stop for a short moment. Before we all knew it though, all the lights shut off and the 13 boys filled the stage. The show started out with the performance of “Annie“.

Each member was very prepared, and were well formed. You could tell a lot of practice was put into their performance by their movements and stance.


Some of the members kept indicating how they were hot on stage by fanning themselves and drinking water, but they still kept a smile on their faces and continued to interact with the crowd.




Stay tuned for our in depth review of the concert.


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