After the teaser for “Emotion,” Topp Dogg has officially released the tracklist for their upcoming mini album “The Beat“. Consisting of 6 songs, the mini album credits member Yano and Jenissi in production and writing. Also, Kidoh has production credits as well.


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the beat


…Speaking of Kidoh, and Gohn, Topp Dogg’s management gave the official word on their status with the group.

[Notice of ToppDogg’s Activity]Hello, this is Topp Dogg’s agency Hunus Entertainment. Since the merge of Stardom…

Posted by ToppDogg_Official on Thursday, October 8, 2015


We wish Kidoh and Gohn good luck in their future endeavors. Meanwhile, “The Beat” is expected to be released on October 19th, with the track O.A.S.I.S coming out a few days early on October 13th.



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