Less than a month away, Toronto’s very first official KCON is taking place in the heart of Downtown Toronto, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre  & John Bassett Theater, on May 2nd, 2015. If you are in the kpop world, you are well aware of the KCon that has happened in LA for the past few years. Now it’s time for Canada to try and make a name for itself in Kpop in Toronto.
If this is your first time going to a kpop convention there is a lot of fun that is prepared for you. There will be various panels; YouTube Meet & Greet, Korean Indie Music 101, HALP!!! My sibling/cousin is a K-Pop Idol!, Dance Like The Stars!, #StartUpLife with MyMusicTaste, and Critical Perspectives of K-Pop 101. There will be a Canada Dream Stage, of artist such as Brain Seo, who won girls hearts over in the first unofficial K-Pop con that happened in Toronto a little over two years ago at Korean Canadian Cultural Association.
Nu’est will be headlining the performance for TKC15  appearing as guest for the first time in Canada. DJ:iDR will be the Keynote speaker  and DJ for TKC15, there will be other entertainers taking part such as MCs, Performers and Dance Crews. The two MCs that will be taking part are ANGEL GZ from Dragons For ANGEL resident MC and Shimmycocopuffs who is a youtube comedian.
For performers we have Brian Seo, who is gaining fans across Canada with his performances of covers of hit K-Pop songs, and Keely Valentine who is a SM Entertainment songwriter. There is a total of 10 Dance Crews that will be getting the party started early as the cover the top songs of KPOP today: Chérie, Kapital K-Dance, East2West, 2KSQUAD, Ottawa Hallyu Dance Team (OHDT), Salja Dance, EXENE, HAVOC Dance Team, R.P.M, QU33N.
On top of all that entertainment that is provided for you, there will be ample amount of Korean food that will be available to try at the event, as well as a place to buy merchandise for your favourite K-Pop artist. They even have fun games set up that will be happening throughout the day, there is so much things that you will be able to do, hopefully you can get to it all.
For those of you who are going to the concert and may not be as familiar with Nu’est as you are with other K-Pop groups, here is a little background on them. Nu’est debut on March 15th 2012, with their debut single Face, on July 11th they followed up with their first mini album Action. Nu’est took part in a lot of TV Appearance in China as they debut their Chinese version of Face and Sleep Talking in November  2013. Nu’est debuted in Japan with their single Shalala Ring on November 5th 2014. So far in their career Nu’est has taken on the challenge of entering K-Pop, J-Pop and Chinese music industries with, 3 mini-albums, 3 singles and a full length album.
Dont miss your chance on experiencing a K-POP convention that is done by the Fans, for the Fans. The event is being hosted by Toronto Kpop Con, MyMusicTaste & Pop GoesTheWorld. The doors open at 11:00am and expected to end at 11:00pm.You still have time to get tickets, but there isn’t much left, so get them while you can. The last I saw from Pop GoesTheWorld Facebook page, there is only about 40 VVIP & 2 VIP tickets left. Get them while you still can!
Ticket Info


Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

$265.00 (+processing fee/tax)
Row AA-F seat. Includes: fansign, official NU’EST light stick, hi-touch, poster, TKC glow stick and convention day pass.


$180.00 (+processing fee/tax)
Row G-J seat. Includes: hi-touch, poster, TKC glow stick and convention day pass.


$135.00 (+processing fee/tax)
Row K-T/Balcony AA-DD seat. Includes: TKC glow stick and convention day pass.


$100.00 (+processing fee/tax)
Balcony EE-MM seat. Includes: TKC glow stick and convention day pass.


$40.00 (+processing fee/tax)
Access to: Canada Dream Stage performances, all day panels, workshops, activities and more. (NOTE: NU’EST concert is not included.)


*This is not an up to date seating for tickets, this is just to give you an idea of layout*


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