TRAX released their single “Road” for SM Music Station!

SM Entertainment’s project SM Music Station continues this year with the release of its first single by TRAX titled “Road.” The song is a rock ballad which is complemented by the duo’s heartwarming vocals.

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Check out the music video for “Road” here:

The music video shows an old man dressed in suit carrying a briefcase while walking in a street. He then proceeds to an alley unsure where to go. The music video also shows clips of a boy seated while waiting for his father which happens to be the old man.


TRAX have been quite inactive for a long time that’s why many fans are happy that they’re finally back with a new release. With that, the fans are enjoying the moment of their comeback with a beautiful rock ballad song. The duo’s vocals definitely fit the song’s genre which is something that would stir up some emotions among the listeners.


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