Some time before the doors opened, something surprising and interesting began happening. A flash mob! A group of fans begin to perform a mashup of BTS choreography. It was a pretty cool experience to see.


Shortly after the flash mob, the doors were opened and everyone entered the building. People had about an hour to purchase beverages and to find their seats. Some were handing out merch, such as pictures of BTS, to other fans. Soon enough the show time was right around the corner

Everyone was super excited knowing that BTS was so close to them, each boy was in the same building as them. We’ve experienced being in the same country as them, but this was a first for many to be in the same state, building, and breathing the same air. This was a wonderful moment to be experienced.

The lights in the auditorium shut off and all that could be seen were bomb light sticks. Fans had begin to chant “BTS” repeatedly until the black screen brightened up with the words “The Red Bullet”.


The intro begin to play on the screen. It was a setting similar to “N.O“, with the boys rebelling against their teacher. Fans were waving their light sticks to the beat of the music and once the intro was over, everyone broke out in cheers! The show was about to begin.

The boys came out to the stage and the crowd went wild! They began to perform “N.O“.

Afterwards, the boys introduced themselves. Each member spoke in English showing a huge appreciation and consideration towards the fans. When it got to V he spoke into the mic saying “My name is…” and allowed the crowd to answer “V!!!”. He was visibly happy to hear his name yelled by the fans. You couldn’t help but smile when you saw his smile.
After the introductions the performance started again. Throughout the concert, after a few songs there would be a short break where the members would talk to the crowd. Rap Monster would do most of the talking even telling one member to shut up, (V!) in a playful way of course! You could truly tell he is the leader of the group.


Jimin was able to show off his sharp vocals while still making his way around the stage hitting every move perfectly.


Jin, of course had his usual calm and handsome demeanor to himself.


Suga was showing off his perfect spit game.


V was being… V.


Jungook was hitting his high notes.


And J-hope was hitting every dance move to perfection.



All together we had the group that we love and know best, BTS.

After performing “Boy in Luv” the boys left the stage. Fans started to chant “BTS, BTS . . .” A video chronicling their journey from pre-debut to the present was played on a big screen, causing the feels of everyone in attendance to swell. Eventually, the encore began and the boys’ crazy energy infected everyone through their next performances, including “Dope“. Sadly, the show was over soon after, but the icing on top of the cake was about to occur for some. The meet and greet!!

Before the show, fans that purchased VIP+ received a wrist band. Anyone that had a wrist band got to receive the opportunity of meeting each member. The staff at the venue made sure that everything happened in a neat and orderly fashion. Row by row was called up to stand in line and each person got to greet the boys. The group was in a different room but as soon as you hit that doorway you would see V, first in line. He was all smiles as each new face greeted him. Everything went by so fast as you would approach the last person at the table, J-Hope. It was a moment to always remember.


After shaking J-Hope‘s hand there was only one direction to walk which was out the door. As you stepped outside you couldn’t help but wish to rewind time.

BTS put on an amazing performance. Their dance moves are to the T and their singing and rapping is phenomenal. If you missed this concert, you missed something great, but seeing how successful and talented the boys are, this definitely won’t be their last time here in the U.S. I can’t wait to see what more is to come. They’re in such high demand. We love you BTS!
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