The Red Bullet in Chicago was definitely worth the wait. BTS was in Chicago for the whole week, they got some time to rest and it showed in the concert. As soon as they hit the stage, the whole crowd erupted even louder, from when they were chanting BTS. The show started promptly at 8pm, which was the start of so much A.R.M.Y‘s lives started changing to the best night ever.

TRBinChicago BTS 1

They started off with N.O, which is their title song off of their O!RUL8,2? album. Fans sang along to the song that it just made the boys on stage even more excited and hitting those impressive moves with such strong stage presence. Rap Monster was practically yelling his parts, due to his excitement from the fans cheers.

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The followed up with We Are Bulletproof, which had fans singing almost every single word with them throughout, and then they did their introduction. They all spoke in English, and they all introduced themselves in their own way. Rap Monster welcomed fans to TRB, J-Hope said his usual line that he is the fans hope and I’m your angel. Jimin had fans help him introduce himself, he would say “Ji” and the fans would say “Min”. Jungkook kept it short by saying what’s up and saying his name, same with Jin. Suga said it was nice to meet Chicago fans by referring to the nickname for Chicago, The Windy City. V was excited like he usually is, as he was about to say my name is V… he pointed the mic at fans after he said my name is and of course the crowd erupted by saying V.

BTS performed a total of 26 songs, they barely had any time to rest, besides wardrobe changes when the crowd would watch the awesome videos that they put together, to keep our attention till they got back. You know how you can say “oh this is what really stood out in a concert,” but with TRBinChicago, it’s too hard to choose what stood out. Every song just made you even more excited that you are finally getting to witness it.

Whether the vocal line showed off their abilities in Let Me Know or Rain, it just made fans mesmerized by their talent. When the dance line took center stage and dominated it with their dance break on We Are Bulletproof pt2, you couldn’t help but be in a trans as they moved their bodies so fluidly to the dance routine they have worked to perfection. The rapper line that brought the whole house down when Cypher pt 3 came on, the whole place was shaking, so much people were jumping and singing along to one of the fan favorites from fans.

trbinchicago bts 3

Yes the boys has an incredible stage presence that completely makes you fall for them, with how intense they look as they sing and hit those dance moves they practiced for long hours in a day, but you can’t deny the cuteness overload that they brought to the stage just for their fans.

Blanket Kick is honestly such a cute performance to watch, as the routine for it is absolutely adorable.

During Look Here they continued the cuteness overload, since Suga & Jungkook lost at rock paper scissors they had to dance cute for their fans. Jungkook did a dance with peace sign, which made fans scream. And then he did Sistar‘s Touch My Body dance at the end. Jimin who didn’t have to dance cutely did it anyways. The totally was having fun teasing fans as he waved his butt from side to side. Suga pressured to finally do his dance, which was peace dance and him moving hips from side to side. It was such a treat to see it all live.

Just like the other TRBinUSA stop, Chicago failed to perfect singing along to Miss Right on their own, but after some encouragement and teasing from J-Hope and Jimin, we got the chance to try it again.  As the song started and Rap Monster, who starts it all off who is super excited, at the chorus, they gave us a chance to sing along and we made them smile at our attempts.


The transition from Cypher pt 2 to War of Hormones was Perfection! As much as fans would have loved to hear the whole entire song of Cypher pt 2, but they way it went in to WoH, you had no time to stop and think oh I don’t get to hear the whole song, because you are screaming your lungs out because WoH is on.

Fan-service was too much for some fans. The amount of interactions, the times the water were thrown at fans by Suga or J-Hope, or simply the members being completely silly with one another during songs, just wow. Those members are definitely embedded into fans mind right now, and will be so for a long time.

When they started to say that the night is coming to an end, you can hear fans saying no, but we knew it wasn’t the end yet, because they have yet to perform DOPE. They couldn’t have left us without showing us the awesome footwork that comes with that song. As they said their final partings and thanking the fans, it didn’t take long after fans chanted encore and BTS that the screen lit up and showed us a journey of how BTS got to the point they are at now.

They came back on for encore with Path, and then Dope. By this time you would have thought they would show some fatigue and that fans voice would be going from all the screaming they been doing to cheer on their group. The concert started at 8pm and didn’t stop till about 10:30pm, but fans were still screaming at the top of their lungs and BTS were still hitting those moves with precise dancing skills. Ending the night off with Fun Boys and Rise of Bangtan was just perfect. Everyone was smiling, being very playful and making sure they end the night off on the best note possible for their fans.

They left the stage with I Need U playing, you could tell they were hesitant to leave the stage, Jin and V were one of the last two left on stage. For some fans that was the end of their night which was now registered as the best concert ever. For some their night was going to get a bazillion time better than they could ever imagine.

TRBinChicago BTS 2

Group photo time with BTS for the lucky winners, and then the Hi Touch. Members took the time to thank fans for coming out to the show. When fans told them that they loved them, they would say I love you too back to the fans. V complimented some fans as they saw him  in line for hi touch, completely giving them memories they will never forget. A lucky fan even got to bro hug Rap Monster and Jungkook followed suit.

This concert is definitely at the top of my list for concert experience. You can tell how hard they worked, and how much they really wanted to please their fans for everything that was prepared. Whether it was cute choreography, interacting and smiling making kissy faces at fans, or taking the time to read the many fan signs that fans had prepared. Thank you Bangtan Boys for putting on such an INCREDIBLE show and Thank you SubKulture Entertainment for making this happen for fans who thought they would never get the chance to see BTS in real life.

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