BTS fans before #TRBinDallas
BTS fans before #TRBinDallas
BTS fans before #TRBinDallas

When it comes to a kpop concert, there are two very important things questions that come up: 1) What am I going to wear? and 2) Where are we going to eat after the show. In Dallas, the turn up was very real when it came to fashion and the food pics I have for you are going to make you drool.

The 2015 BTS Live Trilogy in USA – Red Bullet II concert in Dallas, TX was a special time for local and long distance A.R.M.Ys. With that being said, the outfits of choice definitely displayed loyalty towards BTS with a certain unique flair for each fan.

It’s almost a given that at any show, fans will display their love with t-shirts bearing their favorite group’s or member’s names. The girls above did just that in classic black and white, combining casual and comfy while also keeping the 100 degree weather in mind.

Haley and Angelica, above, took the previous look and updated it a bit. Instead of simple black and white, they threw in pops of color with the outline of their numbers and the text. The galaxy pattern on the bottom and sleeves add texture. The back brings humor with pictures of Jimin and Rap Monster, respectively, making funny faces. (Shout out to the J-Hope stan in the back!)

From L-R: Demi Kim, Aiza, Heather, and Liseth as Jin, Jimin, Suga, RapMon and self
From L-R: Demi Kim, Aiza, Heather, and Liseth as J-Hope, Jimin, Suga, RapMon and self

Cosplay is its own form of fashion, and this group of ladies brought kpop and cosplay together with their “War of Hormone” inspired outfits. If any of them look familiar, you might have seen them at Topp Dogg‘s showcase a few months ago. Kim was a guest at last year’s KCON where she cosplayed IGAB Tiffany (SNSD) and N.O era Jimin. Aiza also crossplays, as in she dresses as both feminine and masculine versions of Suga. Be on the look out for Heather, as she is attending all the TRBinUSA shows and coordinates her cosplay with her group, BangTan coSplay.


Before heading inside we met these two cuties, Lauren and Alex. Lauren, who’s obvious favorite is V, was inspired by BTS’ American Hustle Life. The shirt she’s wearing is one that is worn during the show. She wears it under a black jumper, going for the black and white theme that was common for the day. The short cut and ankle boots make the look a bit edgy, instead of just cute. Beside her, Lauren has gone for the “I Need You” look with a navy blue sailor dress and ankle boots. To top it off, she’s accessorized with a hat similar to that of her bias, Suga.

Those were just some of the fashion standouts seen at the #TRBinDallas concert, but that wasn’t the only highlight of the trip. In fact, you can’t have fun on an empty stomach and what better place to show off your perfectly planned outfit than at a Korean restaurant?

The best thing to eat after a Korean pop concert is Korean food. Sweet and spicy beef with pickled vegetables is the go to for anyone with a taste for something a little daring. Of course, you can always go the traditional route and pick up some bulgogi, grilled meat that is featured in just about any K-drama you can think of. If you want a bit of home, try the Korean fried chicken–just like mama used to make, but with an extra crispy skin. Then of course, to round out the proteins. There’s always a pork cutlet to get you through the night.

If you want to party K-pop style, there are two things you’ve got to do. You’ve got to rock the look and you’ve got to feed your belly. From what I’ve seen, the Dallas ARMYs have got those two requirements locked down.

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