“Forbidden Desire” is the name of FiFi Rong’s latest single, as well as her upcoming album about to be released on April 28. With a foundation on the UK sound of trip-hop, the UK based artist’s new single stems from the trance-inducing sub-genre.

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In her airy and throaty vocals, Fifi Rong paints a picture of frailty and fragility with her music. It’s hard to surmise if her wellspring of inspiration originates from suppression or unfulfillment. Quite possibly, from a desire to fulfill an external imposition or internal supposition.


Fifi Rong’s artistic essence goes beyond her music. It transcends into her imagery, as well as her very presence. The visual and aural, in equal… else, competing measure, both go hand in hand.

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With her body as her canvas, Fifi is not afraid to be exotic. Actually, she embraces it.

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