Twice, now the only active 9 member girl group in kpop, has let it be known that they have taken the crown as kpop’s new royal princesses, with their bubbly, bouncy and bright bubblegum pop MV called “Heart Shaker.” A title once reserved only for another 9 member girl group, not so long ago.

When Girl’s Generation released “Gee” in 2009 it rocketed them to Kpop royalty. It was the best selling single of 2009, and their EP with the same name held the record for best-selling debut EP with nearly 100,000 copies sold. That is until Twice debuted in 2015 with their EP “The Story Begins” and sold over 120,000 copies, shattering Girls Generation’s record.

As Girls Generation have effectively split up, Twice is making a bold statement by wearing the same outfits in “Heart Shaker” that Girls Generation wore for their “Gee,” comeback. Twice are declaring that they are stepping in to fill the gaping void left behind by Girls Generation, as the new 9 royal kpop princesses.

Simple, adorable, and filled with elegance, the outfit Girls Generation wore in Gee, have taken on an iconic stature – white top over blue jeans.

Half way through Heart Shaker, after moments of pure kpop ecstasy,Twice gave us a trippy moment. As a percussion-filled bridge slowly winds down, and the members bounce into formation for another go at the chorus and its choreography, the camera zooms out. And, just when you’ll expect it to stop, since all nine are already in the frame, the camera does not stop. And, in that brief moment of confusion and mental disbelieve, there are now 18 members of Twice.

Arrayed in two sets, the multiple members of Twice are mixed together wearing the iconic outfits from Gee, and Twice’s signature look of above-the-knee skirts and crop-tops.

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Heart Shaker is one of the two new singles in the re-issued Twicetagram studio album, retitled Merry Happy. Twicetagram, released in October originally contained 13 tracks. The additional two tracks in Merry Happy are both written by JY Park.

All in all, it wasn’t but a month and a half ago, since Twice released their last MV “Likey” which in that time has garnered over 100 million views. JYP Entertainment has a winner, and they’re not letting up anytime soon.

Watch Girls Generation performing Gee in their iconic white tops and blue jeans outfits.

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