TWICE have released the official music video for ‘Signal‘!

On May 15 at 6 PM KST, the official music video for TWICE’s comeback ‘Signal’ was released! The music video shows how the girls play with the “alien” and hope to make him fall in love using each of their power.

Check out the music video for ‘Signal’ here:

The music video is colorful and fun which is one of the trademark of TWICE’s music videos. The video started with the girls running and having fun on an open field when they saw a UFO causing them to fall unconscious.

Just when you’ve become serious during the intro, the mood suddenly changes when the song starts with Dahyun and Chaeyeon‘s rap. The beat then kicks in and the song began to be playful repeating the same phrases of “Trying to let you know Sign을 보내 signal 보내 I must let you know Sign을 보내 signal 보내.”

I was surprised how the rappers of the group such as Jeongyeon and Chaeyeon sounded so good during the verses. Usually, Nayeon sings the first verse and then followed by Jihyo or Mina. Now, they’ve switched parts and I think this time the line distribution really worked!

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Although the song isn’t enough to say that the members have finally improved their singing, you can definitely say that the song is quite good and catchy! It’s not overly cute nor serious. I just love the rhythm of the song and how it builds up to the chorus! And I find the repeated phrases addictive!

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What do you think of TWICE’s new song ‘Signal’?

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