Gril group Twice have released the second special video to follow up their latest comeback’s music video. The group previously released the dance video in the JYP practice room, and now Twice have released the longer video cut of their performing the choreography in the basketball court.


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Twice made their comeback last week with “Cheer Up”, just around half a year after their much-anticipated debut with “Like Ooh-Aah”. After the music video for “Cheer Up” reaches certain tiers designated by the total number of views, JYP Entertainment will release a new special video related to “Cheer Up”




Twice have been topping the music charts in Korea, far ahead of Lovelyz and Seventeen who also made their comebacks on the same day as Twice. The girl group lately have been promoting on music shows in Korea, and they will be heading to the United States to perform at KCON LA 2016 this summer, from July 29 to 31.


Watch the longer cut of Twice performing in the basketball court here:


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