The first huge international K-pop event this summer, KCON 2017 NY, got the party started, with the fun reaching new heights and setting new records. Fans had a great time connecting and celebrating their love for Korean pop culture and music at the convention. After the Sun went down, fans were more than ready to finally see their favorite K-pop stars live on stage.

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One of the K-pop stars for the second night, Twice, joined this summer’s New York stop for their second time performing at a KCON USA event. Twice’s return to the KCON festival got a lot of the fans in the house thrilled to see them again, and they cheered more than twice when the girls finally arrived to climb the steps to walk on the Red Carpet. [Check out GMM’s full coverage and photo galleries of Twice on the KCON NY Red Carpet here.]

Kevin Woo from U-KISS was the host of the Red Carpet. Not delaying the fun for even a second, Kevin started rolling out jokes, building on the bond between Twice the stars and Once the fans, and just plain turning the night’s Red Carpet into something truly fun, playful, and exciting.

Twice graced the night and floored the Red Carpet with their fine selection of shoes. Twice were stunning from head to toe, with their outfits, overall look, and just the nine girls themselves radiating beauty and style. Twice’s hair and makeup, top-and-skirt duo, and shoes matched up for a truly awesome trinity of fashion. Check out the highlights:



Momo (center)


Chaeyoung (center)

Mina (center)

Nayeon (right)

Dahyun (left)

Jihyo (left)

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