Chillin Ovatime
Parental Advisory: Strong Language

Ever since Kieth Ape’s “It G Ma” rode OG Maco‘s “You Guessed it”, Korean hip-hop especially in the underground have jumped on the trap movement and are riding it like a bull, really pushing the margins and trying to come up with new sub-styles. We wouldn’t expect any less. This week two artists from the underground released two nice but subtly different trap styles.

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Loopy released “No More” on July 12, 2015. The track features another rapper ‘Young West’ Both rappers are based in Los Angeles and rap in both Korean and English. Loopy makes use of trap mixed with a very traditional West Coast style, making this new release both fresh and familiar.

Chillin Ovatime released “3 Way” in collaboration with Likelihood also on July 12, 2015. “3 Ways” is more musical, and yet the beat is even more stripped bare. That’s because Ovatime is using his vocals to maximum effect. And, like OG Maco did in ‘You Guess it’, Ovatime has taken the vocal strain that’s only accepted in trap to another level. He’s straining and stretching that last breath to maximum effect.

Even as American hip-hop artists have been hesitant to exploit the trap movement, K-hiphop artists have been anything but. This to them is the future of the genre, and they are not holding back or wasting time. They are all in and full-speed ahead.