Croydon, does it again! This South London enclave has once again produced a talented and prolific fire-breathing UK rapper, named Nadia Rose. Who else is from Croydon… Stormzy – need I say more!

Here’s what Nadia told i-D magazine when it premiered of her latest release called “Skowd.”

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” What can I say about Croydon? Well, it hasn’t changed much, obviously they’re trying to gentrify it now and all that, but for me it will always be the ends, the bits. I guess they’re trying to fancy it up. But Croydon ain’t all that bad… Croydon is the hood, it’s the place to be. It’s very multicultural; culturally it’s very diverse.”

Check out 23 years old Nadia’s latest drop “Skowd”, below, which is also on iTunes.
Caution: use of f-word and b-word

Also, check out Nadia Rose on Facebook and Twitter

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