The members of the infamous South London grime crew The Square, may all be teenagers, but their level of grime is head and shoulders on par with the best. And, they’ve put that talent into their latest release called “Defeat Us.”

“Defeat Us” was initially released on SoundCloud in May, and they’ve now followed it up with the visuals for the hyper track.

Check out “Defeat Us”, below, which is also available on iTunes.
Caution: occasional use of n-word

According to Wikipedia, ‘The Square’ is currently made up of
DeeJillz – MC (2012–present)
Elf Kid – MC (2012–present)
Lolingo – DJ, producer (2012–present)
Streema – MC, producer (2013–present)
Blakie – MC, producer (2015–present)
General Courts – DJ (2015–present)
Faultsz – MC (2013–2015, 2016-present)

And, a famous past member is Novelist, who announced his departure on Twitter in September of 2015.

Check out ‘The Square’ on Twitter and Facebook.

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