UK rap and grime, like it’s forbear American hip-hop has an inextricable connection and part origin in gang culture. So, sometimes, it’s a dilemna to write on rappers who glorify that lifestyle in their lyrics. It’s like, which mother cried because of what they’re rapping on? But, as the case maybe, in the US and in the UK, hip hop is saving lives out here, and lifting up communities. And, it sounds like Birmingham rapper Tana, falls in within the latter.

From the compelling visuals of his new release “Lost and Found” he has a clear grasp on the consequences and repercussions of bad choices made by misguided black youth. And, thanks to his ‘nan, he’s here to tell us about it, in a very easy and straight to the point lyrical flow.

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Let’s stop the fratricide within our communities.

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