Broken Poetz understand the essence of hip-hop. It’s a genre, a culture, but most importantly it’s a consciousness. Filled with lots of wisdom and soulful renditions, the duo from the South of England are using their latest album “Soul Searching” to ply their consciousness and awareness. Tracks like “Freedom” and “Men Who Will Be Men Today” are a testament of this.

Broken Poetz 2

Although, grime, urban London’s interpretation of hip-hop, is what’s hot right now out of the UK, Broken Poetz have maintained an almost strict adherence to hip-hop as it was coded in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem in the 90s.

Grime is like a new friend, but what Broken Poetz do is that old trusted pal – one is silver and the other is gold. Both are valuable and needed.

All tracks on “Soul Searching” were written by the members of Broken Poetz, Gary Osborne and Dean Grant. And, the album features Twizzy, Upfront MC (Split Prophets) Cutta Chase and CW Jones.

Take a listen to Broken Poetz’s new album, which is available on iTunes, and other music outlets.

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