Yes, you can fight DNA. And, you can fight environment. As the case may be, Unlocking The Truth may be losing those battles. But, rest assured they are winning the war, as they appear to be carving out their unique sound and space with “Chains“.

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Chains can be the bonds that bind to something bigger than self, keeping us centered and on course towards greatness.

Chains can be that which holds us back from achieving greatness.

Chains can be a weapon used to slay monsters, impeding our path towards greatness.

In life, the very chains that keep us centered and on course, can also be the very chains that hold us back. But, wielded correctly, it’s those same chains that becomes our weapon, hardening muscles, to attack and take out disruptive monsters.

As the case may be, Unlocking The Truth with Chains, may have found a sweet spot that mixes their heavy metal musical background, with a more melodious vocal ensemble likely attributed to listening to momma and/or poppa jam one too many RnB or soul tracks, and simply walking around in their Brooklyn neighborhoods. Or, who knows just peer pressure from their pop-oriented classmates. Either way, this is different for them.

Mixing it all together, they are doing that which great artists must do. Break the mold, and find their own unique contribution to their art form. In so doing, expand their fan-base without alienating their core.

Chains commences with a build-up, from basic keys to full-metal, hitting hard when it’s supposed to and making it count. The track has varied musical elements that gives it extra levels. There’s the superb guitar solo, the unexpected melodies in the verses, the thumbing bass conspiring with the indefatigable drummer, an electric bridge exploring new landscapes, and much more.

There’s been talk of a Linkin Park influence. Even so, there is a reason Linkin Park was able to collaborate successfully with hiphop mogul Jay-Z, and grime’s new mega star Stormzy. Their sound gel’ed with those artists’ DNA and environment.

Finally, no surprise metal skews towards the “XY,” but tracks like this will only gain Unlocking the Truth more “XX” fans. And, that ain’t a bad thing.

So, should you fight DNA, and the environment? You should. Actually, you must. Because, you’ll only get stronger. You, DNA, and environment.

Unlocking The Truth independently released chains on iTunes, and Spotify, digitally distributed by tunecore.

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