Let’s dive into Episode 4 of Unpretty Rapstar 2!

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We pick up where we left off last week, with the Unpretty Rapstars sharing a meal. An overwhelming sense of deja vu occurs when watching KittiB eat, which is eerily reminicent to Lil Cham‘s actions last season. She even jokes about it herself.

kitti b as lil cham

In the midst of Hyorin’s (drunken?) singing, a newcomer appears. We already know that this is 4minute‘s Jiyoon. The shock is evident on the Rapstars’ faces when they recognize her. Once the initial shock wears off, they joke about her appearance. Hyorin and Trudy suggest that she rap, both calling out suggestions like someone saying “Drop the beat” and that Jiyoon should be brought a microphone. Jiyoon admits to feeling out of the circle and her discomfort shows on her face as the others joke around.

San E appears and adds to the fun atmosphere, poking fun at the girls for how much they’ve drank. Jiyoon awkwardly sits and tries to laugh along, although it’s apparent she wants to be introduced or have San E explain just what is actually going on. San E’s attempt to stir the pot doesn’t amount to much as Gilme is the only one to say that she wants to hear Jiyoon rap when he asks what the group thinks about her addition. San E then opens up the floor for Jiyoon to rap her introduction.

Jiyoon’s rap was…well, if you have the same sensibilities as the Unpretty Rapstars, laughable. They literally laughed at the first line of her rap. Sua, who is a trainee and hasn’t even yet to debut, said that she didn’t think Jiyoon knew how to flow on the beat. Needless to say, it’s going to be an uphill battle for Jiyoon to prove herself to her peers.

This week’s producer, who would be in charge of tracks 4 & 5, is revealed to be Jay Park, co-CEO of AOMG and a judge from SMTM4 and his long-time friend/producer Cha Cha Malone.

This Week’s Mission: 
Let’s rewind to last season, shall we? We had Verbal Jint, Kangnam, and Seulong. Each Rapstar had to choose which track they wanted to work on, and whoever was in the same room together had to compete for the track. Let’s copy and paste that formula into this week and there you have it. Each Rapstar decides whether to go for Track 4 or Track 5, and the groups that are together have to battle it out for the track.

Track 4: Trudy, Yezi, Yubin, Sua, Kasper, Gilme
Track 5: Hyorin, Jiyoon, Heize, KittiB

San E arrived to tell each team about a twist to the mission. Before they can properly battle for the track, the groups must split in half and battle among themselves. The losers of this battle will be eliminated from the track mission, while the remainders will go against each other to determine an ultimate winner.

The members of the Track 4 team knew Trudy was a front runner. Kasper and Yubin both expressed the want to team up with her, along with Sua. The team ended up being split up as Kasper, Yubin, and Trudy vs Sua, Yezi, and Gilme.

Surprise, surprise. For all her bragging, Trudy the golden child made the fatal error of messing up her lyrics. Her mistake may not have been so obvious, however, if she’d hadn’t turned her back and apologized in the middle of the performance. Luckily, Yubin and Kasper continued the performance without a hitch.

The second team, Yezi, Gilme, and Sua worked well together. Jay Park called Sua cute and slightly awkward, while Cha Cha praised Yezi. Jay Park also called Gilme powerful.


cha cha

For the Track 5 team, team picking wasn’t so easy. Heize didn’t want anything to do with KittiB and no one wanted to be paired with Jiyoon. Instead, both Heize and KittiB wanted to partner up with Hyorin, due to her redeeming performance from last week. KittiB told Hyorin to pick the person she thinks she would win with, leading to Hyorin and Heize being a team vs. KittiB and Jiyoon.

Practice didn’t go well for either team, as Jiyoon was called out for being awkward and needing to practice more and Heize forgot her lyrics. Both Hyorin and KittiB were annoyed with their partners by the end of rehearsal.

Jiyoon again was…off in the final performance. For such a seasoned performer, she didn’t seem on her A-game. Whether it was nerves or just being out of her element, you could tell that this was just not Jiyoon’s performance to win. KittiB, however, committed the fatal mistake as well in forgetting her lyrics (again).

Between the two teams, it was clear that Hyorin and Heize had the better performance.

Trudy, who cried throughout Gilme, Yezi, and Sua’s performance, didn’t have much to say once the Rapstars gathered to hear the results of the mission. The Yezi, Sua, Gilme team was chosen as the winners for Track 4. Yubin, Trudy, and Kasper were eliminated from the rest of the mission. The winning team for Track 5 was, of course, Hyorin and Heize.

The second part of the mission is a collaboration performance, involving Jay Park. The winner would be chosen by audience vote. For Track 4 (Solo remix), the winner was Yezi.


Hyorin won her first track this episode as well, successfully coming back from her train wreck in the first episode



The mission for tracks 6 & 7 is given this episode and it’s one everyone has been looking forward to: 1:1 diss battles. Most of the pairings were hidden to be revealed next week, but two teams were shown: Trudy vs Gilme and Yubin vs Hyorin.


Next Week:

  • 1:1 diss battles
  • Dok2 & The Quiett
  • Trudy gets mad
  • Hyorin vs Yubin
  • 1llionaire performance

Final Thoughts: Between Heize and Kasper, someone needs to dye their hair so I can stop getting confused. Other than that, this copy and paste format has got to go. Instead of showcasing the rappers, the show is becoming more about the format and the drama. We did all this last season. The Rapstars need more opportunities to write, rap, and perform. Also, where are the female producers? The female mentors? Is the Korean hip-hop scene so male dominated that a show about female rappers can’t even show other female rappers? At the very least, can the Rapstars try their hand at producing a track instead of just performing for their male counterparts. They’re supposed to be rapstars. When do the stars get to shine?
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