Episode 8 of Mnet’s female rap survival show, Unpretty Rapstar. Things are heading towards the finale so we won’t be together much longer 🙁

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San E drops a bombshell on the Rapstars right from the gate. 3 of the 10 participants will be not be allowed to compete in the next mission for the final track. Everyone will be split into teams of two for duo performances. The last place team will be eliminated. From the fourth place team, the winner of a battle between the two will move on with the loser being eliminated. The name of a contestant would be pulled out the box of fate and it was a volunteer basis of who wanted to work with the chosen person.

Trudy was first. Jiyoon rose up to go towards Trudy, but when Heize also moved, she backed down saying she felt it was obvious that Trudy wouldn’t pick her over Heize. Exy made a strategic move and volunteered to be Kasper‘s partner. If it came down to it, Exy felt confident about beating Kasper in a battle. The thing is, you have to cross the current bridge before  you plan for the next one. Kasper’s performances throughout have been lackluster, though being new to the scene Exy might not know that. Either way, the two completed the second duo.

Jiyoon was called next. As all of the Rapstars had voted either her or Kasper as the bottom two anyone wanted to work with, things didn’t look good for her turn. Despite her promise of conveyor belt sushi for her partner none of the remaining contestants chose her. Yubin was chosen next and wanted Hyorin, Yezi, or KittiB to come up for her. Jiyoon was the only person who volunteered, making them partners anyway.

Yezi’s name came up and Sua came out at the last second. Considering the tension between them in previous episodes, plus the way Yezi went after her in their diss battle, Sua’s choice to team up with Yezi had to have come purely from a place of wanting to work with one of the front runners of the competition. With that team decided, Hyorin and KittiB were left to automatically team up.

Mad Clown, Rhymer, D.O., YDG, Vasco, Basick, and Soul Dive were revealed to be the judges of the mission.

Trudy & Heize

I personally didn’t see anything wrong with Heize’s performance, but people get excited about Trudy whenever she opens her mouth so of course she was overshadowed.

KittiB & Hyorin

I don’t know what’s up with Mnet’s editing, but they didn’t even show KittiB’s part of the performance. Hyorin, however, was witty and funny. While the translations leave the blank empty, I’m pretty sure one of her lines said “the sex with you was boring”. Hey, go ‘head Hyorin.

Yubin & Jiyoon

Yubin and Jiyoon turned what could have been a bumpy collab into a fun stage. Using a line from Jiyoon’s introductory rap, they made an infectious though repetitive hook that made everybody smile. The judges laughed and the rest of the contestants were bopping along. The lyrics didn’t seem to have much substance compared to the previous performance, but they were having a ball on stage and sometimes that’s all it really takes.

Exy & Kasper

Madclown: “If you leave out Kasper it was one of the really great performances”. I’ve been saying this all season, but Kasper needs a Gatorade, some vitamins, some caffeine…something to give her a boost and some personality. Her performance was lackluster and boring. Exy was the better half, but that’s not saying much. I guess she’s okay, but she sounds very generic to me. She was still the highlight of the team and she made a good choice in picking a partner that she can beat if push comes to shove.

Sua & Yezi

Why Yezi? Why can’t you remember your lyrics? We’ve been through this so many times at this point that I shouldn’t even be surprised or upset but I am. This challenge should have been smooth sailing. But no, we have to go through this ‘messing up lyrics’ BS and be put in danger. Sua gave what I consider her best performance of the season, but it’s a teamwork challenge so when one messes up, it takes them both down.



After the judges tallied up the scores it was time to reveal the rankings.

Yubin & Jiyoon, one of the teams slated to be in the bottom, was named 1st place. They scored 89 out of 100 points. Hyorin & KittiB were only 5 points behind the leaders, taking second place. Trudy & Heize came in fourth. Kasper & Exy were last, leading to them being eliminated. Yezi and Sua therefore had to battle out for the last spot in the mission.

Yezi’s performance was edited almost completely out, with the rumors saying it’s because she called out Mnet on it’s editing practices. Anyway, in what we heard, she didn’t mess up and she sounded like the old Yezi. Sua expressed herself fully and put on a great performances. In all honesty, it took having everything on the line to bring a real performance out of her. If we’re going by track record, they both could justifiably go home, Yezi for inconsistency and Sua for mediocrity.

San E gave the huge twist here. Instead of picking a winner himself, he gave each of the Rapstars a chance to vote, out loud, on who they wanted to stay. Trudy, Yubin, Heize, and Jiyoon picked Sua, automatically giving her the win and sending Yezi home.

Once Yezi was gone, the producer for the final track was revealed to be Brave Brothers.The semi-final mission will be a self-producing 1:1 battle. The person who’s name is drawn from the box will not only choose their opponent, but the order of their performance as well. Hyorin & Heize, KittiB & Jiyoon, and Sua & Yubin were the confirmed teams. Trudy chose the question mark card. The scene cuts to 6 eliminated contestants who are told they will have a final chance at the track. The winner between those six in a live performance would be Trudy’s opponent.

Gilme, Exy, and Yezi were the top three by audience votes. Gilme was third leaving the choice between the two most recent dropouts, Exy and Yezi. Trudy’s opponent was revealed to be Yezi.

Next week:

  • Semi-finals

Final Thoughts:

I’m kinda glad this season of Unpretty Rapstar is winding down. There have been too many chances and too many weak performances. This whole thing with Yezi is ridiculous. What was the point of going through all that drama, just to bring her (or anyone really) back? Why not go straight to the semi-finals with the 8 women that were already there? I guess ratings rule the world. I’ll never be sure. We’ll see how things pan out in the end. Until then, be sure to click the links below to stay up to date with us.


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