Episode 3 of Unpretty Rapstar 2 is finally here and the drama is just getting started.  Check out last week’s recap and then dive into this week with me.


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The episode opens up with Heize and Yubin‘s battle for the other Verbal Jint track. Yubin went first, and she flubbed a bit, ending her stage out of breath. San E preferred Heize, though Jessi, who would feature on the track as well, thought Yubin was a better fit. In the end, VJ chose Heize.


Me, Myself, & I


Before the next producer can be announced, the Unpretty Rapstars must go through an elimination challenge. The stage is set for a 1:1 (and in one case, 1:1:1) battle between the Rapstars, with at least one of them up for total elimination from the show. San E used the “Unpretty Rapstar Box of Fate” to pull names and determine the opponents. Up first was Hyorin who chose to go against Kasper. Ash-B was the second rapper to choose her opponent, Gilme. Kitty B then chose Heize. Trudy was up next, picking Ahn Soo Min (and saying she wanted an easy run). This left the remaining Rapstars–Yubin, Yezi, and Sua–to become a three person team.

Zico and Mad Clown were introduced as judges for the battle, along with San E.


The Battles

Hyorin vs Kasper

Despite a bad track record, Hyorin impressed with a unexpected flow. Zico complimented the depth of her lyrics. Meanwhile, Mad Clown thought Kasper could show more though he said that her flow was tight and controlled. While Hyorin received 1120 online votes,  Kasper only got 760.

Ash-B vs Gilme

Something about Ash-B’s performance was off and awkward. Nobody was really looking at her while she performed and Zico said she was exaggerating too much to be understood. Gilme, however, redeemed her previous mess ups in everyone’s eyes. Gilme won with more than twice the amount of votes as Ash-B.

Kitty B vs Heize

With such a haunting beat, Kitty B did a good job of matching her tone to the theme. Though she made one small mistake (see the last notes later), Mad Clown was able to forgive that. Kitty B-1286 votes, Heize-1071 votes. Looks like Kitty B’s mistake didn’t put her at as much of a disadvantage as Heize would have liked.

Trudy vs Ahn Soo Min

Ahn Soo Min has been quiet and awkward up until this point. She also has the dreaded rapper voice that female rappers tend to fall into. However, her performance was solid. Going up against a power house like Trudy, though, requires more than solid. With less than 400 votes separating the two, Ahn Soo Min needed just a little more oomph to win.

Yubin vs Yezi vs Sua

As a collective, the trio had the strongest performance of the challenge. Though Sua isn’t my cup of tea, you can tell she’s been trained well. Yubin was unexpectedly…hood. All that confusion from the last few episodes was gone tonight and Yezi stepped up and showed what she was made of. With over 2000 votes, Yubin was the winner with Sua in 2nd place with a 585 vote difference between her and Yezi.


The Aftermath

The five losing rappers: Kasper, Ash-B, Heize, Ahn Soo Min, and Yezi gathered on stage to begin their solo battles to stay alive in the competition. San E announced a twist: two rappers would be saved through the vote of the three judges. Kasper and Heize were saved, leaving the other three to fight for their lives.

Ash-B sounded drunk. Her pronunciation was all over the place and like it was mention during her round versus Gilme, it was just hard to understand her. Her actions and what she was producing didn’t match at all. Ahn Soo Min was again, decent. She got a chance to really say what she wanted and she hasn’t had that before. Yezi went all out with hard hitting lyrics that Zico called “too strong”. In the end the two eliminated rappers were: Ash-B & Ahn Soo Min.

Following the elimination mission, the remaining Unpretty Rapstars have a rooftop party. While they talk and laugh with each other, a black van appr0aches downstairs and a figure comes to join them. Right before the end of the episode we find out the person is the latest addition to the Unpretty Rapstar family: 4Minute’s Jiyoon.


Next episode:

  • Jiyoon’s initiation
  • Jay Park & Cha Cha

Final Thoughts: The whole “messing up lyrics is the worst thing ever” bit is getting old, and so is the slow down, three-peat that comes along with it. We get it, they messed up, but people do that. I don’t know if it’s evil editing or what but all the focus on not remembering lyrics is starting to annoy me. That aside, the elimination of Ash-B and Ahn Soo Min doesn’t seem like much of a loss. Kasper has already decided not to go down the route of responding to Ash-B’s nonsense so there was no way to have the show go down that route. Ahn Soo Min was hardly featured or shown so there’s not much lost in the way of footage there. The addition of Jiyoon is confusing to me. I’m sure Korean hip hop fans can name half a dozen replacements that would be a better fit. Considering how much flack this show (and it’s brother, SMTM) have gotten for its inclusion of idols (and there are already three and a half this season), they might have chosen someone else. Like with all things, we’ll just have to see where this goes.

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