We’re already up to episode 6, and if convention is to be followed, the finale of Unpretty Rapstar 2 is coming up soon.

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After last week’s elimination of Gilme, there’s still a track mission to complete. Team Dok2- Trudy, Hyorin, Yezi, Kasper, and Sua- and Team The Quiett- Yubin, KittiB, Heize, and Jiyoon– have live performances to take care of in order to determine the winners of the next two tracks.

This week’s mission:

The two teams would be performing popular tracks from their respective producer. Two rappers would be chosen to compete head to head following audience and producer votes. The winner of the head to head would, of course, be awarded the track.

Going into the group performance, Heize is feeling some kind of way due to KittiB‘s comments during the rap battle in the last episode. Team The Quiett’s performance is “YGGR“. During practice, Heize seems off and not quite into what they are doing, but everyone says how KittiB is being aggressive and really going for it. You would think that with only so many chances to make an impression and get a track, that everyone would be trying their hardest, but maybe not.

Meanwhile, Team Dok2 is practicing “Hip Hop Lalala.” The atmosphere in the group is tense. No one really wants to communicate with each other. Part of the tension may be that Yezi killed Sua in the last diss battle, but it could also be that everyone has a big head and isn’t feeling this whole ‘collaboration’ thing. Kasper needs a big shot of personality as she sticks out from her group for not being as big a presence.

Props to Yezi though. She’s a professional through and through, as her heel snapped off and she kept on high steppin’ like it wasn’t anything. Hyorin may or may not have messed up her lyrics, but the performance otherwise was good from the whole team. Despite their tensions in rehearsal, they came together on stage.

Dok2 had Hyorin, Trudy, and Yezi in mind as his pick, and chose Trudy. The audience vote was also Trudy, leading to the second best rapper, that was revealed later in the show, to be her opponent for the upcoming diss battle over the track.

The Quiett picked KittiB as #1 on his team. The audience vote went to Yubin. As both Rapstars have had problems witht  their lyrics, they were both overwhelmed with their win.

Yubin vs KittiB

This was a proper diss battle and I love it. They can all be friends when the camera stops rolling and I don’t care, but in the challenge, you do what you’re supposed to do. Both KittiB and Yubin made some low blows, but they went after their opponents, which is the name of the game.


Trudy vs Yezi

Trudy’s opponent was revealed to be Yezi. Though Trudy had big things to say before the match, she wasn’t prepared for Yezi to fight back as hard as she did. Yezi finished what Gilme tried to start, in that she called Trudy out on all the issues that viewers have had the whole season. Yezi went in for the kill. Trudy…didn’t follow the rules, in my opinion. It’s a diss battle. Tell Yezi off, talk about her, do something other than bring it back to how you think you’re the best. The whole season, Trudy has been getting off by telling people how good she is and crying when things  don’t go her way. Unfortunately, my tastes are different from Dok2’s as he declared Trudy the winner of the track.



After everything is said and done, we move on. The next scene opens up to an unfamiliar purple-haired girl sitting in a basement next to empty chairs. Another unfamiliar girl comes down the stairs and claims one of the chairs. The Rapstars come down the steps to meet the two strangers. The original girls joke around, excluding the newcomers until Yubin suggests they all have a self introduction. The two are revealed to be Rubber Soul‘s Kim and a Starship Entertainment (Hyorin’s company) trainee, Exy. Hyorin was quick to say she had no ties to the girl.

Kim and Exy had to introduce themselves properly with a rap. Kim took advantage of the opportunity to make a name for herself by jumping straight on Trudy. The other Rapstars were surprised but the new girl definitely didn’t come to play. Exy gives off strong Jimin vibes in that she seems to be this quiet mouse of a girl and when she opens her mouth she has this high pitched voice but her rap was better than expected.

The final producer for the last track was revealed to be YDG.

The battle for track 8 will take part in multiple rounds. The first round is an Unpretty Rapstar vs Show Me the Money challenge, putting the 11 Unpretty Rapstars against 7 Show Me the Money contestants and 4 male rappers from Super Rookie Challenge. Each rapper is given complete freedom over their stage, and audience vote + producer’s pick will determine the rankings. The overall 1st place will be the winner of the 8th track, meaning one of the boys could get it. Rappers 20, 21, and 22 will be permanently eliminated from the show.

During the rehearsals, the girls were visibly shaken by their male counterparts. Hyorin expressed that they’d already lost and Heize was in a daze. When the situation was reversed, however, the boys were unimpressed. New Champ said that they were all basically the same. KittiB had a few fans in New Champ and Jung Sang Soo, and it seemed to hurt the latter when she messed up her lyrics. Yezi was another female that piqued the males’ interest, as were Trudy, Heize, and (surprisingly) Jiyoon, along with Yubin and Hyorin.

Heize didn’t impress but BewhY, who followed her, did. New Champ and Jung Sang Soo made the crowd go wild. Sua used a labelmate’s, iKon, beat and Jiyoon used a 2Pac & Biggie beat, but neither Rapstar made much impact, with Jiyoon forgetting her lyrics. Jung Sang Soo said Kasper sounded more like she was just talking than rapping. The boys really got into Hyorin’s rap, and YDG said she was cool.

The crowd wasn’t feeling Kim, nor were any of her competitors, however Exy received good audience feedback.


Final Thoughts

The viewers keep asking for more female mentors and instead we get thrown two newbies on the last challenge, and a mission designed to show that men will always be superior to women in hip hop. Quite honestly, I found this episode to be bullshit. What purpose did Kim and Exy’s addition serve? We just eliminated someone, it’s the last track available, and their 10 minutes of fame won’t serve them well later.

Then there’s the whole UR vs SMTM thing. Why? We’ve already got the (now eleven) Rapstars fighting each other. Does SMTM need the publicity? No. Not really. It looks like they just wanted to give these same guys we just saw a few months ago in SMTM4 another shot at the public eye. And none of them really need it. They have the respect, they’ve been acknowledged. Unpretty Rapstar is supposed to be about showcasing female talent and the fact that one of these guys could have a shot at a track is ridiculous. It’s hard enough to get respect in the game without having to constantly fight against men. Male and female rappers are different. They have different strengths and sounds and auras. It’s an apple and oranges comparison and I wish they would stop and just let the females shine.

Yo, Exy! Say it again for the people in the back!

unpretty rapstar 2Next week

  • Results of UR vs SMTM battle
  • Next stage of battle for track 8

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