Yezi from Unpretty Rapstar 2 and rapper for the 5 member girl group Fiestar has released a teaser for her next single called “Cider”. This is the title track for her solo debut album called “Foresight Dream.”

yezi foresight dream

Yezi distinguished herself in the 2nd season of Unpretty Rapstar by going as far as the semi-finals before being eliminated.

The music video for “Cider,” as well as Yezi’s solo-debut EP “Foresight Dream,” will be released on January 28.

The translated track list for Foresight Dream is as follows:

yezi foresight dream 3

1. “Cider” – title track
2. “The Moon”
3. “Ceh Ceh Ceh” ft. GilMe, KittiB and Ahn Soo Min
4. “Crazy Dog” ft. San E
5. “Cider” intrumental

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