It’s not fair… she told you so, many times. Never more so than her semi-final performance in Season 1 of Unpretty Rapstar. But it wasn’t enough. Now, she’s gone and pretty much gotten a complete face lift, so you can love her more. Deleted her old pictures, discarded old memories and experiences, like one throws out the trash. Oh what violence… do we engender, in the K-pop industry.


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After going thru, Asst Editor Leesha’s latest post on Unpretty Rapster, I suddenly missed Yuk Ji Dam. So, I went over to her instagram. The person I saw in the pictures, made me wonder if I didnt have the page wrong. As I looked closer, I could see the vestiges of the goofy female rapper whose precocious teen spirit completely captivated me the first time I saw her on Show Me The Money Season 3.


A photo posted by 육지담 (Yuk jidam) (@6jidam) on

This person that was now looking back at me from her Instagram page looked more like a fragile member of one of the myriad new kpop girl groups that debut this year – and, not the plucky, rough and hard charging rapper who we got to know even more in the first season of Unpretty Rapstar. But we saw the signs even then.

I would notice so many times during Unpretty season 1, how Yu Ji Dam will always cover her face, wearing hoodies and really large hats, afraid to lift her head.


Deleting your memories, cannot leave the soul un-scarred. Will her new face give her the fame she’s capable of achieving?

Maybe I’m just being dramatic, but still isn’t this still a little extreme.

Anyways, let’s go back to what she said in her semi-final performance of Unpretty season 1…”cause I got something real in me.”

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