Two boy bands Monsta X and B1A4 both showed off their love for each other and fans on Naver’s V app Sunday, August 9, 2015.

Monsta X came on the air at 10:30 p.m. with a show titled “Welcome to our home.” The newly pink-haired Minhyuk took on the role of host. “I.M and Hyungwon aren’t here,” Minhyuk said. “The good-looking ones have plans right now.”

Vapp Update Monsta X B1A4
Monsta X (Naver V app)
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He first went to Jooheon, who was in his bunk bed listening to music. They read the real-time responses together, giving shout-outs to fans, including Arab fans and fans in Los Angeles.

Vapp Update Monsta X B1A4 2
Monsta X (Naver V app)

Next, the guys headed out together to the living room, where they saw Kihyun playing a soccer game that Minhyuk explained they played together often. Wonho was also in the living room, checking out a new music composition program on his computer. At the request of a fan, Wonho took off his hat to show off his hair.

Minhyuk then went to go get Shownu, who was in his bunk watching a video of Chris Brown, one of his favorite artists, giving a concert in Manila. They came back out to the living room, where Jooheon and Shownu started playing the video game together. To answer a fan’s request, Jooheon also gave an impromptu rap performance.

Vapp Update Monsta X B1A4 3
Monsta X (Naver V app)

Minhyuk suggested that they have a snack, but said that they only had pudding and fruit at home. I.M and Hyungwon came home around that time, and all the boys chatted together with fans while munching.

By the end of their broadcast, Monsta X had racked up more than 1.1 million hearts.

Vapp Update Monsta X B1A4 4
Monsta X (Naver V app)

Then at 11:30, B1A4 began their broadcast of “B1A4’s Romantic Camp in Sokcho.” They were in Sokcho, Gangwon Province, after wrapping up a music program.

The boys started off by thanking fans for helping make their guerilla concert, which also aired on the V app, a big success. Since they were sitting far from the camera, they made a point of coming forward to read the fans’ comments.

Vapp Update Monsta X B1A4 5
B1A4 (Naver V app)

They also looked through the responses they received in a survey of when fans felt B1A4 was “sweet,” to mark their return with the new song “Sweet Girl.” Baro gave a funny rendition of “Sweet Girl,” while Sandeul cut up watermelon for the members. As they ate together, they sang some more for their fans. They also announced their outdoor concert on Sept. 13 called “B1A4 Adventure 2015.”

Vapp Update Monsta X B1A4 4
B1A4 (Naver V app)


By the end of their half-hour broadcast, B1A4 had received over 4.1 million hearts.

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B1A4 (Naver V app)

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