Adding a funky “bump-bump” and an indefatigable jazzy sax, the soulful sisters VanJess, yet again, have us grooving to their latest single “Touch The Floor.”

Touch the Floor was originally released about 7 months prior on SoundCloud, but the ladies have given the upbeat track new life in a seductive and vibrant music video.

That familiar neo-soul feeling contemporized in the track is contextualized in the video with old television sets, as well as 70’s era styling in decor and clothing. Yet still, that old-new vibe comes full circle as the sax player enters the scene, in an industrial type building with large windows usually found in downtown LA.

Touch The Floor is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Of course if you saw them on the street, you may be tempted to call them by their group name, but separately called Ivana and Jessica, the duo have artfully honed their craft since their hey-days of singing YouTube covers back in high school. Now, post-college they’ve figured out their old-but-new soulful sound that’s going to be all over their upcoming EP project. And as here in this feature, with a healthy dosage of funky.

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