Boy group VAV just dropped the full music video for their song “No Doubt”. VAV are making their comeback with a “sequel” album to their second mini album “Brotherhood”, which was released last May. The sequel album was released today July 1.

Three days ago, VAV released several teasers, along with video clips, to help fans with a clue as to what kind of sound will be featured on Part 2 of VAV’s second mini album. VAV also shared instrumental videos, that had a sound that varied from a bouncy to a mysterious melody.

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Today July 1, VAV takes on the dark side as they fully unmask their emotions in their latest music video for “No Doubt”. After kicking off with a hip-hop track with “Brotherhood” last May, the boys of VAV are back with a ballad song that expresses the winter dream of a man missing someone and stuck with the memories.

The video features an all-dark setting, and still the synchronized moves of each members were all superb. The music video was filmed with a visual resolution of 4K (Ultra HD) to have the ultimate dream-like effect.



“No Doubt” was filmed in Germany and Scotland, for VAV’s music video to have the best atmosphere conducive for the fairy tale story to come to life. The female ballerina, who is also the lost love, did a wonderful interpretation with her acting of the scenes of pain and saying good-bye. VAV’s new song represents a man’s love for an old lover.


Watch VAV’s new video for “No Doubt” here:


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