Velvet Winter, aka Talon Majors, an electronic and indie rock artist playing out of Los Angeles, California, got the scene looking into dreams and visions with her new video for “Crystal Heart”, ever since it first dropped into the place on March 24.

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In the video for “Crystal Heart”, Velvet Winter gets away from everyone for a while. She stops by to spend time together with Nature, to have the space to find herself. While contemplating everything that’s going on and appreciating what’s in front of her, a mysterious figure finds her. Soon things look like Talon’s gone to another world.

Watch Velvet Winter’s new video for “Crystal Heart” now:

Velvet Winter’s new music video for “Crystal Heart” feels like a dramatic, larger-than-life, and fantasy version reenactment of one of the most decisive moments in Talon’s musical career, perhaps her entire life. Talon goes all the way to the rocky beaches of a distant shore. She looks out at the ocean and around her for a good long time.

Velvet Winter’s voice in “Crystal Heart” is real relaxing and soothing, but also has those vibes that reach out and make you feel like you’re running and moving. Soon, another woman appears on the beach, straight across from Talon, and the two come face-to-face. Talon looks the mysterious woman deeply in her eyes, only to end up seeing a vision of herself playing with fire and working it in a spectacular, breathtaking way. She really gets into it, and soon she’s deeply immersed in the action and passion. It’s hard to know where the fire is hotter and more intense: from Talon, or off the flames?

Like a dream, a show, a vision, or a long ride, Velvet Winter seemingly gets drawn back to reality, on the rocky beach she went to in the beginning to get herself together. The mysterious woman’s gone, but Talon feels something, and looks to see that the “Crystal Heart” was in her hand all along. It’s like Talon had to see it to believe it, for her to have finally gotten it. The thing she was looking for all this time, only appeared when she trusted that it would come eventually, when she really needed it, and proved that she earned it after searching for it.

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Velvet Winter is the name of Talon Majors’ new music project, her latest endeavor to take her sound ever closer to the top. The Velvet Winter outfit looks like it’s just a one-person show for now, featuring the one and only Talon Majors. She’s been collab’ing with Andrew Furze and Todd Bergman lately, for the production aspects of the future music that she’ll release as Velvet Winter.

Talon’s sound as Velvet Winter, and her refreshing voice and style, have been mentioned alongside widely loved musicians in the scene, whose sound rings close to hers, like Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine, Portishead, Halsey, and Melanie Martinez.

Talon Majors, stage name Velvet Winter, is a singer-songwriter who’s taken an amazing and emotionally moving road to the place she’s in today. Starting out surrounded by the mountains of Colorado, she ventured forth to the big city of Los Angeles. Talon has a voice that’s calming yet enticing, and definitely and one of a kind. She blends in jazz, blues, and pop rock of the indie variety to complete her thrilling sound.

Talon became a musician at a very early age. She really got into playing the alto saxophone as early as grade school, and switched it up to the tenor sax when she joined the middle schoolers. Her uncle gave her a drum set when she was 14, the start of what she affectionately describes as the “garage band days”, back when she was a “rebellious teenager”. Talon took things to the next level, when she got into songwriting in 2013.

Velvet Winter had lots to say about her new single, “Crystal Heart”, and the notable milestones in her journey to become the artist she is today:

“I actually didn’t start as a vocalist. My first love was saxophone. Then it was drums.”

“I’ve always loved loud music and crazy hair. I’ve also always been incredibly outspoken and somewhat of a free thinker. I learned at a young age how incredibly judgmental people can be about anyone they do not understand.”

“I battled drinking and anxiety meds for years. I guess I have the classic ‘artist with a broken past thing’ working for me!”

“I hope to connect with people with troubled pasts whether its drug abuse, eating disorders, sexual orientation and others. My heart goes out to people with depression, PTSD and other illnesses that you can’t see on the surface.”

“The project has so much happening now I wouldn’t know where to begin. You’ll just have to wait and see!”

“I truly believe everyone can find the strength to stand on their own and go after what they want. If you live in someone’s shadow you’ll always be behind your dream.”

Velvet Winter, Talon, rolled with all the instruments involved in producing her new title “Crystal Heart”. She got Andrew Furze and Todd Bergman on the team to guide the production of her latest musical work of art.

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