The R&B duo Vibe and singer Kim Heung Guk are ready to turn up for a wild night in their new music video for “Bottoms Up”.

Vibe released the music video for their new song, “Bottoms Up”, on June 22, created in collaboration with Kim Heung Guk. The song has a funky groove to it, made by the brass and slap bass instrumentals in the background.


The Vibe duo and Kim Heung Guk show off their fun-loving spirit in the music video and include some clips from the recording stage of “Bottoms Up”.

The song is all about brushing off the worries of today with a drink, and then moving on. Very cheerful and upbeat, this song is very different from the sorrowful ballad music that Vibe usually deliver. However, this song fits the energetic vocals of both parties, Vibe and Kim Heung Guk, creating a great synergy.


For me, my favorite part of the music video is when all three singers stand together to do the “bottoms up dance” that the three invented. Vibe and Kim Heung Guk seemed like they had a lot of fun with this collaboration and working together on the song and the music video.


Check out the full music video for “Bottoms Up” here:


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