Plan A Entertainment got the three artists in their roster to release a special summer music video, “Oasis”! In the video, A Pink, rookie boy group Victon, and solo artist Huh Gak get together for a summer getaway around the pool by day and on the home’s big balcony by night, and party it up in a more relaxed and laid-back way.

Watch the Plan A trio’s new collab music video for “Oasis” now:

With a camcorder placed on one of the tables, A Pink’s lead vocalist Eunji gets the film rolling to document the Plan A trio’s adventure and all the cherished moments that will definitely go down. A Pink, Victon, and Huh Gak hang out around a secluded pool surrounded by the woods. Victon play ball games and instruments and enjoy themselves in the pool, while A Pink are mixing up desserts and Huh Gak comfortably lays back, pulling some iced cans out to drink.

The Plan A party continues on into the night, where the trio have moved to the big balcony of the summer home they’re at. Huddled around a mini television, it looks like the trio are watching a horror movie from their scared expressions that soon change up into playful jabs at each other. Victon, A Pink, and Huh Gak keep the relaxed fun going, and close the video on a high note with sparkling fireworks and launching a candlelit mini hot air balloon into the evening sky.

“Oasis”, starring A Pink, Victon, and Huh Gak, is Plan A’s “Third Episode” overall. Eunji and Huh Gak got the series rolling with its first episode, “Bada ‘Ocean.wav'”, in July 2016. Huh Gak and Victon, then called Plan A Boys before their official debut last November, released the second episode, “#Begin Again”, in August.

Check out the complete Plan A series so far here:

First Episode: “Bada ‘Ocean.wav'”

Second Episode: “#Begin Again”

Third Episode: “Oasis”

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