Omg are you guys getting nervous for this debut like I am? Nervous in a good way, like you dont know if you will make it to the end of the video without crying. We know VIXX is really great with dark concepts, and it seems that this one will be dark as well, with title track being “Beautiful Liar”


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Yesterday via twitter we got a glimpse into what the music video might be like, ANGST! Ravi clearly wants to run after the girl after whatever was said, but Leo was quick to grab him and hold him. They definitely are giving it their best, that wasn’t even a scene from the actual MV, but rather a recording of the recording that they did. Click on the pic twitter link to see what i am talking about.



I am totally looking forward to this debut. How dark will it get? How much feels will it take me through? As these guys make their debut with “Beautiful Liar” and give us something that we didn’t know we wanted till we saw the teaser.

Earlier today, Ravi’s teaser for the MV was uploaded on VIXX official YouTube channel. From just Ravi’s teaser the MV looks promising already. The question I am wondering is, will Leo teaser have the same kind of concept that Ravi has?

vixx lr leo 2 ravi 2

Both Ravi and Leo took part on making this album by contributing to lyrics and music composition. We already have a glimpse into the titles of their songs on the upcoming album.


Be sure to check out the teaser and show your love for this sub-unit that will be making their debut soon and MV dropping on August 17th at 12am KST.

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