Jellyfish Entertainment’s only boy group VIXX are preparing for the fifth single album “Zelos”. Their newest release will come out next week on April 19. The group today released the opening trailer for “Conception”, which was preceded by the art film released on March 28. Over the past week, VIXX also released teaser images for each member.




The director of VIXX’s next music video is Seo Donghyuk of Flip Evil, who also directed the music video for VIXX’s “Error” back in 2014. The last time VIXX were promoting on music shows was in 2015, with two comebacks that year, where the group promoted with their songs “Love Equation” and “Chained Up”.




VIXX, which stands for “Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis), debuted on May 2012 with the song “Super Hero”. The members were chosen based on the final lineup of Mnet’s idol reality show myDOL. The current members survived the eliminations and won by the votes of the viewers. The group then followed up with several songs that each had a unique concept and music video: “Rock Ur Body”, “On and On,” “Hyde”, “G.R.8.U”, “Voodoo Doll”, “Eternity”, and “Error”.


Watch the “Conception” opening trailer below:


Watch the “Conception” art film:


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