Boy group VIXX have finally released the music video for “Dynamite”, as well as their new album “Zelos”. VIXX announced their first comeback of the year through a statement by Jellyfish Entertainment last March. VIXX’s record label also announced that “Zelos” will be the first of three albums in a release trilogy that will span the whole of this year.


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The group released a special trailer titled “Conception” in late March leading up to the release of VIXX’s new album. “Conception” is the name of the project trilogy that VIXX will be producing this year. Besides the title track “Dynamite”, the album “Zelos” also features two new songs: “Six Feet Under” and “Badbye”.




“Dynamite” is just the latest in a series of songs that are completely unique to VIXX. Previously, VIXX released songs like “Chained Up”, “Error”, “Voodoo Doll”, and several others that highlight their signature concept and image.


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