Boy group VIXX are making another comeback this summer. Today August 15, VIXX released the full music video for “Fantasy”, from their seventh mini album “Hades”. VIXX released the concept and silhouette teaser images over the past two weeks.




VIXX’s new song “Fantasy” features the members singing with rising vocals, with an orchestra-like sound in the background, highlight their new video’s dramatic theme.

In the music video for “Fantasy”, interspersed with abundant cuts of VIXX‘s impactful choreography, the members explore a forest, looking for the girl of their fantasies.




VIXX’s new EP “Hades” and its title track “Fantasy” together form the second part of the group’s “Conception” series. The first part, VIXX’s sixth EP “Zelos” and its title track “Dynamite”, were released last April 19.


Watch VIXX’s new video for “Fantasy” here:


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