VIXX have visited Vietnam for a travel variety show!

VIXX experienced┬áthe beauty of Asia with skyTravel’s new travel variety show titled ‘The Asia that VIXX Loved.’ VIXX was the group chosen to be featured in the show. Thus, the group flew all the way from Korea to the country of Vietnam and arrived on January 3.

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vixxThe group’s popularity in the country proved to huge which can be seen in the first preview of the show. The boys were greeted by a lot of their fans called Starlight at the airport.

Check out the first preview of the show here:

Prior to the group featuring in the program, G-friend have already appeared in the show where they traveled to Europe as part of the series ‘The Europe That G-friend Loved.’ The series featuring VIXX will be airing in January.

VIXXOn November 21, 2016, VIXX returned with their special album VIXX 2016 Conception Ker with a new song “Milky Way” to end their VIXX 2016 CONCEPCION project.


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