Wanna One just made their debut! On August 7, Wanna dropped their debut music video for “Energetic”, the title track of their first ever EP “1X1=1 (To Be One)”. Wanna One are finally hitting the stage, after hype and anticipation built up in the wake of the release of the Countdown Teaser Video from last week.

Watch Wanna One’s “Energetic” debut music video now:

The very “Energetic” music video opens up with Wanna One entering the zone, and they soon go in hard, dancing in the hall by day and in the lot by night, rocking some very powerful and intense dance moves.

Wanna One refresh in the middle with some drinks, and even bathe in donuts. Still, Wanna One don’t stay still for long, as they start bowling, lifting weights, playing with each other with water hoses, and continuing pulling off some hard-hitting choreography

Wanna One lay it all down about they get all “Energetic” when they see the one in the lyrics:

I don’t know why
Without knowing
I’m falling for you
Breathtakingly, baby
I don’t know why
This moment right now
I can’t stop this feeling
No No No No

Make me feel so high
I’m going crazy, I can’t stop
You make me feel so high
I’m so crazy, the moment you look at me

I’m so attracted, pull me more, baby
I’m feelin’ so energetic
Tonight, just us two, out of control Yeah
I’m feelin’ so energetic

Wanna One are the first boy group formed by the winners of Mnet’s idol survival reality show Produce 101. The 11 finalists of Produce 101 Season 2 are the members of Wanna One: Kang Daniel, Park Ji-hoon, Lee Dae-hwi, Kim Jae-hwan, Ong Seong-wu, Park Woo-jin, Lai Kuan-lin, Yoon Ji-seong, Hwang Min-hyun, Bae Jin-young, and Ha Sung-woon.

Like I.O.I, the former girl group formed from the 11 finalists of Produce 101’s first ever season, Wanna One will also be managed by YMC Entertainment. This time, Wanna One will be running the show with YMC from this month until December 31, 2018, a period of 17 months, almost twice as long as their predecessors I.O.I.

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