A new summer bop just dropped into the scene that’ll get you amped up for the season! Wanting Qu, a Chinese singer based in Vancouver, Canada, recently released her latest single “Kissing Paradise”, that’s packed with a super catchy beat and exciting lyrics as she sings all about that special place.

Get Wanting’s “Kissing Paradise” on iTunes here.

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Watch Wanting’s lyric video for “Kissing Paradise” now:

Wanting Qu’s special lyric video for her latest single “Kissing Paradise” features the Sun shining, leaves waving, birds chirping, and Wanting’s profile popping in every now and then. Everything bounces to the beat and makes room for Wanting’s lyrics, where her voice steps in and tells you what the “Kissing Paradise” is all about:

‘Cause it’s live
You and I
We could die
Who wants to live a million lives
When we’re up so high
We’re already kissing paradise
We’re already kissing paradise
We’re already kissing paradise

Take me all the way just take it to the edge
Take my breath away until there’s nothing left
Take me all the way just take me on a ride
When you’re here with me I’m kissing paradise

Wanting Qu grew up in China, and later moved to Canada to study for a business degree in college. Wanting’s been a singer for as long as she could remember, and her destiny as a musician is even reflected in her surname Qu, meaning “music, song and melody”. Though English is her second language, with the saying “music has no boundaries” on her side, she can roll with the best of them when it comes to words and flow, as seen in her lyrics.

Wanting’s going to release her next album soon. While that’s not out yet, “Kissing Paradise” is a thrilling track to listen to in the mean time. Listen to more of Wanting’s music on Spotify here.

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